Version 1.0

Choose a file that you would like to encrypt. Maximum file size for the original file is 250 MB. File names (including extensions) longer than 100 characters will be truncated to 100 characters. If you wish to encrypt multiple files, you may either upload them as an archive (such as a .zip or .tar) or you may encrypt them individually— multiple simultaneous uploads are not supported.

Files are encrypted using AES-256 encryption in CTR mode using your provided password (which is hashed and salted), an authentication key, encryption key, initialization vector, and SHA-256 HMAC concatenation which are all generated securely at runtime. Once encrypted, the encrypted file is made available to download for 24 hours until it is automatically purged.

Friendly Reminder: This tool is designed for quick encryption of reasonably-sized documents such as PDFs, Microsoft® Office documents, and the like— it is NOT designed for you to encrypt your library of adult-themed motion pictures. Please help keep the service available by not abusing it.

Optionally, enter a custom password to use for encrypting your message. Maximum password length is 1,000 characters. Passwords longer than this will be truncated to this length.

Tip: Remember to verify your password for typographical errors before encrypting. Note that you can toggle the display of the password with the button on the right.

If you wish to leave this blank, the message will be encrypted using a default server-sided password (remember that if you go this route, anyone who sees your message can decrypt it if they know that it was encrypted with this tool).