Version 2.0
Enter the message that you wish to encrypt. A maximum of 10,000 characters are allowed— input longer than this will be automatically truncated. Tip: If you need to encrypt a message longer than the aforementioned limit, you can split your message into smaller parts and encrypt them individually with this tool.
Optionally, enter a custom password to use for encrypting your message. Maximum password length is 255 characters. Passwords longer than this will be truncated to this length.

Tip: Remember to verify your password for typographical errors before encrypting— if you enter an incorrect password and encrypt your message without knowing, your original message might never be able to be restored in any of our lifetimes ;) Note that you can toggle the display of the password with the button on the right.

If you wish to leave this blank, the message will be encrypted using a default server-sided password (remember that if you go this route, anyone who sees your message can decrypt it if they know that it was encrypted with this tool).
Choose your preferred output format. Note: The same format must be used as the Input Format when decrypting the same message using the Message Decryptor. If you are unsure of this, you can leave this at the default value.

The result will be displayed here once processed.