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This version of the website was released early due to changes in my schedule, along with an overwhelming number of requests that I received encouraging me to do so.

Since its original release date was planned to be sometime in the Fall of 2021 and was instead released in October of 2020, the site is very much in an un-finished and incomplete state. I therefore ask for your patience and cooperation while I gradually put the work necessary into finishing the site when time in my schedule permits.

As a note, the old version of the site was moved to https://legacy.dbmxpca.com/. Pages and tools that are not yet available on this site may be available there.


This is the personal website belonging to yours truly— otherwise colloquially known as Christopher, Chris, or simply dbm.

Its purpose is simple— to serve as a central location for hosting a variety of things that I have worked on (such as personal projects and/or developed tools), a medium to store a number of my own memoires (perhaps including those of family members as well), and a trusted medium for enable the sharing of useful software, tools, information, and knowledge.

To keep the homepage friendly, I do not wish to clutter the homepage too much. If you wish to know more about this site, please see the dedicated About page.

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