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This is the personal website belonging to yours truly— otherwise colloquially known as Christopher, Chris, or simply dbm. Its purpose is simple— to serve as a central location for hosting a variety of things that I have worked on (such as personal projects and/or developed tools), a medium to store a number of my own memoires (perhaps including those of family members as well), and a trusted medium for enable the sharing of useful software, tools, information, and knowledge. It is 100% handcrafted with my own two-hands to provide a quality yet optimal experience— no obstructive or annoying ads, newsletters, or templates or frameworks have been used, with the exception of some security libraries used in some of my tools and the design of the site itself, which was mostly done by a paid professional (details on the about page).

To keep the homepage friendly, I'll generally try not to clutter it with too much stuff. If you wish to know more about this site, please see the dedicated about page. A friendly note that this version of the website is a work-in-progress and updated as time in my schedule permits. Until it is fully updated, certain pages may only be available on my old version of the site over at https://legacy.dbmxpca.com/.


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