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Downloads Center

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Downloads Center

Welcome to the Downloads Center

The Downloads Center contains downloads for various third-party software, utilities, dependencies, and miscellaneous archives— all from a single trusted location. For software written by myself, please see the Software page (coming soon).

For your convenience, please note:

  • The symbol indicates compatibility for Microsoft® Windows®.
  • The symbol indicates compatibility for Ubuntu Linux.
  • The symbol indicates compatibility for Fedora Linux.
  • The symbol indicates compatibility for RedHat® Linux.
  • The symbol indicates compatibility for CentOS Linux.
  • The symbol indicates compatibility for macOS, Mac OS X, or OS X systems by Apple®.
  • Downloads that I personally recommend are shown with a Personally Recommended badge next to them.

There are many benefits from downloading directly via my Downloads Center:

Trusted, Safe, and Secure


No one in their right mind wants to deal with malware, and I am no exception. I personally utilize and administer many computer systems daily, all without any anti-virus software. By aquiring software through legal channels and from trusted sources, these computer systems can easily last a lifetime without getting infected with malware.

By adhering to these rules and various other strict security policies, I am able to make available software and other downloads on this page that are guaranteed to be free of malware.

Where possible, software is acquired directly from the software publisher's website. Additionally, all files are manually reviewed and tested by myself to ensure that they are free of malware and any nefarious material.

Enterprise Stability


For applicable software, the downloads available here are special releases of the software, intended for use in the enterprise.

These releases, often referred to as the "Enterprise" releases sport much better reliability than the usual consumer releases. More often than not, the "Enterprise" releases also have a far longer support lifecycle (sometimes called "Extended Support Release" or "Long-Term Support") than the consumer variants.

The "Enterprise"/"ESR"/"LTS" versions of most popular software is typically available for free as with the consumer versions. In some instances, they may be available for download only in specialized areas where normally only experienced system administrators would know of.

Fast, Free, And Legal


All software and downloads are hosted on self-owned hardware, connected to fibre-optic networks with gigabit speeds. That means that files are served to you at some of the highest possible speeds available.

Also, all files available for download here are free.

And you can be at-ease, because all software available here is available for free directly from the publisher.

This site does not support pirated, cracked, or otherwise illegal software— and it never will. So you will never have to worry about downloading anything illegal from my site.

Offline Installers


All installers found here are offline installers. This means that the data is contained entirely in the installer, so that you can install anytime, anywhere.

Most modern installers that you will find roaming the Internet are usually online-installers which are meant to be light-weight downloads to start, that effectively download the real data from their servers when they are executed. In other words, they are light-weight because they have almost no data! The real data resides on their servers and must be downloaded when the installer is executed.

In contrast, offline installers are self-contained— all necessary data is already included with it. This makes it much easier to install, especially on a slower network, since you can download the installer once and use it to install the software as many times as you wish without having to download it on each installation attempt.

Offline installers are also preferred by many system administrators and power users, as they can be installed quickly and efficiently, especially to computer systems in high-security environments that are not permitted to have an Internet connection.

Mozilla Firefox Personally Recommended

Mozilla Firefox

Proudly serving the world's web browsing needs since 2002 (over 16 years and counting), this browser's long-running streak is the mere result of the magnificent piece of work that features quality, reliability, stability, security, and extensive customization. Sadly, usage reports show that only 10-20% of Internet users use the browser today, which is too bad— they have no idea what they're missing.

Nevertheless, the Mozilla Firefox web browser continues to stand as one of the most stable and reliable web browsers to-date. This opinion is shared not only by myself, but also by many experienced and well-knowledged power users and system administrators around the world.

Frankly, I believe that the success of this browser almost speaks for itself. The Google Chrome browser may see the most usage, but those that are wise will know that "trends" are not always indicative of true quality. After all, Mozilla Firefox is included standard with most (if not all) modern desktop Linux distribution— and has been since as far back as 2003.

This browser is always go-to browser and is one of the very first applications that I install to any computer system fitted for Internet access. It is powerful and robust, and has served me well since I migrated from Netscape Navigator (which was my previous browser-of-choice from the mid-1990's through the early 2000's). Interestingly enough, the origins of Firefox can be traced directly to Netscape.

SHA-256: BB35D664A71747C9919F75CC78B440861C05EC65923D9D1C0A18E6A6F32DD06D
SHA-1: 4F0AB2EC716D9A6B30D32F71A33E419D662603A9
MD5: 707E2C85B6D6F896BF0EB85F09DBE4A9
SHA-256: 61315844887DF806AB5060F4A4A170BDDE0DCD782F52A72E1F7C9E989241D9E3
SHA-1: 0D726BADD644732BF90902CDE02B6E932541603D
MD5: 05AE5429B17721E0CF77273A4A890C7A

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser debuted in 2008 and saw a fairly reasonable increase in popularity over the next few years. Popularity grew drastically between the Fall 2010 up until mid-2013 where popularity settled to about 45% and even decreased for a few months. But it gained popularity steadily from 2014 all the way until late 2018 when it settled to about 72%.

SHA-256: 58B0A57F9BD5BD39C83F8E057BCFF947E7C00C7305787359AB66B8F1C0CD6E5A
MD5: 8D87409AE08F05143BF16B31F31DC4FF
SHA-256: DA84585DE6EF7F7A8BD2C7230BCF86E208D76EBB63DCC67FBDC86C25B7F8BA54
SHA-1: B800F94693418120DABCBEAFF1205A7CFC08C95C
MD5: A743A915BB5A3D108F8BB5303BC0489C


HashTab Personally Recommended


HashTab is a nifty little utility for Microsoft® Windows® that will calculate the hash(es) of files that you choose. It is a lightweight shell extension that fits nicely right into the operating system. After installation, right-click on any file you wish, select Properties and click the File Hashes tab. If no hashes appear in the list, be sure to click the Settings link in the same area and select the hashes you wish for it to calculate for all files. Note that users using Windows® XP should opt to use version

You can use any of the links above to download directly from my servers. To download directly from the HashTab website itself, please visit their website.

SHA-256: 85CAA9EA0BB91DA273E4D02B5F0A1C1736CC7314C4F2C839882339CC69DDAF10
SHA-1: 6AF44F2FAD30D5DF85CEEE01CED80085F7C67DC0
MD5: 62130C39647BC30A03F654459E9FEE2D
SHA-256: 64B1F1E15E1FC543AB94ECE1785523D4945DD269902CB16EE2CABDF5CF51200F
SHA-1: 11FDB01DABA4E4982614D87B22A6864309C1D5FE
MD5: E3107228596F16CF79B61CCA3562E07E

7-Zip Personally Recommended


7-Zip is a simple, reliable, and lightweight utility for managing (reading and creating) archives. I use this tool personally, and have seen it used again and again by power users all over the world. And unlike some other archiving software that I will not name, it's free.

You can use any of the links above to download directly from my servers. To download directly from the 7-Zip website itself, please visit their website.

SHA-256: 0F5D4DBBE5E55B7AA31B91E5925ED901FDF46A367491D81381846F05AD54C45E
SHA-1: 9FA11A63B43F83980E0B48DC9BA2CB59D545A4E8
SHA-256: 759AA04D5B03EBEEE13BA01DF554E8C962CA339C74F56627C8BED6984BB7EF80
SHA-1: 2F23A6389470DB5D0DD2095D64939657D8D3EA9D
MD5: FABE184F6721E640474E1497C69FFC98
SHA-256: C1E42D8B76A86EA1890AD080E69A04C75A5F2C0484BDCD838DC8FA908DD4A84C
SHA-1: A2183901F65B6789494AB712C54B6202A56CA5A0
MD5: 1DEEFE6649699946590856E901BBE5FF
SHA-256: 647A9A621162CD7A5008934A08E23FF7C1135D6F1261689FD954AA17D50F9729
SHA-1: 642C3612A76E06277231A8AC10551751CF815726