Battlefield™ 3

Copyright © 2011 · EA Digital Illusions CE AB®

This game was pretty much my go-to first-person shooter game from 2011 all the way to 2019. In the earlier years, I played the game on the PlayStation™ 3 platform until it became too much of a distraction from school and I stopped in mid-2012.

I began playing the game again off and on somewhere around December 2018 and tapered off shortly after March 2019, when I reached the highest rank, which was my biggest goal (honestly, just because I thought the insignia looked nice lol).

I never was particularly "good" at first-person shooter games (or any games for that matter), but I still had many fun times in this game. Although rare, I still do play every once in a while, but it is very rare due to my schedule and my dying interest in games.

Reached Colonel Service Star 100 (Rank 145) on March 13, 2019 with my primary account on PC.
Achieved over 10,000 kills with my trusty ACB-90 box cutter.
Achieved over 3,770 kills with my favorite M1911 pistol.
Play Time: 1,129 hours (PC) | K/D: 0.746 | Accuracy: 41.8% | W/L: 2.040

Battlefield™ 4

Copyright © 2013 · EA Digital Illusions CE AB®


Reached Colonel (Rank 100) on July 17, 2021.
Achieved over 500 kills with my trusty AWS LMG
Achieved over 200 kills with my favorite Desert Eagle pistol.
Play Time: 339 hours (PC) | K/D: 0.92 | Accuracy: 14.91% | W/L: 2.040

Grand Theft Auto™ V

© 2013 · Rockstar Games®, Inc.

As an avid fan of Grand Theft Auto IV™, I anticipated the release of this game for a long time. Unfortunately, I had to stop with games altogether since they had become too much of a distraction during my university studies, so I played it cool for the first few years when this game initially was released on the PlayStation 3™ in 2013. Being such a strong fan of the previous title in the series, I pre-ordered the game sometime after they announced its upcoming PC release in 2015.

The PC release finally debuted on April 14, 2015. Sadly, I was unable to play initially due to some technical difficulties that caused the game to crash on startup but after a couple of patches during the weeks that followed, I was able to jump in for the first time. The graphics did not look so great on my netbook but I was obviously happy to be able to play at all. Special thanks to the mobile Intel® HD™ 4000 integrated graphics for putting up with me and allowing me to play at a reasonable 20-30 FPS while running at a resolution of 800x600. ;)

Reached Rank 100 in mid-2017.
Achieved over 500 kills with my trusty AWS LMG

Grand Theft Auto™ IV

Copyright © 2008 · Rockstar Games®, Inc.

I got this game as a gift from my aunt and uncle sometime in 2008 on the PlayStation™ 3. I had never played such a game before, and so I didn't play it until nearly a year or so later when I decided to try it out. Being the first open-world game that I ever played where you could drive and walk around on-foot, I quickly became hooked to this game.

Since then, this became my favorite game of all time, and I attempted to play it anytime I got the chance. After starting university studies, games became too much of a distraction so I had to eventually call it quits. But from time to time, I still enjoy firing up this great gem.


Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit (2010)

Copyright © 2010 · Criterion Games, EA DICE®

I never had the chance to play the original first or second Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit games, so I took my time and had as much fun as I could with this one. I don't remember how I got exactly the purchase went, but it was one of the games my father bought me when he noticed it on sale. It had been a while since I played a Need for Speed™ game, but I did not let that stop me. I had a fair amount of fun in this game and it played quite reasonable given the underpowered systems I attempted to play it on at the time. So with that plus the graphics (which I felt were quite insane at the time), I made it my mission to enjoy it. Drifting in this game was quite fun, and I personally found the map interesting, as it was much larger, and did not feel as much of a \"closed track\" as the maps in the previous titles did.

Reached rank 20 (Ultimate Enforcer) (police side) sometime in 2011.


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