Emergency Remote Assistance 

Need help? Don't panic— we're here for you.
Please follow the steps below.


Step 1: Click the button to download the Remote Assistance Utility:

This is a lightweight program that, with your permission, will allow an authorized DBMXPCA staff member to remotely connect to your computer in order to provide assistance to you.


Step 2: When prompted, Run the file from Step 1.

You can either Run the file if prompted by your browser or Save it and run it. This program is a one-time agent utility that does not need to be installed.


Step 3: If prompted by User Account Control (UAC) to allow the program to make changes to your computer, select Yes.

This is a security feature in Microsoft® Windows® that allows you to confirm that you wish to run the program.


Step 4: Please read the disclaimer and click Accept.

Please note that you must accept the disclaimer in order to continue. In-summary, by running this program and providing the information to an authorized support agent, you are authorizing us to connect to your computer to provide you with remote assistance for this session. While a support agent is connected, their activity may be monitored and/or recorded for your security. No personal information is gathered in the process of providing you with remote assistance.


Step 5: Please identify yourself, either by first name or an alias.

This allows a support specialist to quickly identify you among the many support requests that we receive.


Step 6: That's it! A support agent will be with you shortly.

If prompted by the support agent, you may provide them with the information shown in the Remote Assistance window.