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ToolsRGSC User ID Acquisition Tool

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RGSC User ID Acquisition Tool

This tool will attempt to aquire the User ID (also known as the UID, Rockstar ID, or RID), given a valid Social Club player name. All Social Club accounts consist of a Nickname and User ID, and in select game titles on select platforms, the Nickname is used as the player's online, in-game display name. Nicknames however can be changed at the account owner's discretion, which can make player identification difficult. User ID's by contrast do not change, and can thus be used to identify a particular player.

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Acquire Social Club User ID

Social Club Nickname:*

Enter the Social Club Nickname of the player whose User ID you wish to acquire.

Note: Select platforms and game titles do not require or enforce the use of the Social Club platform. For example, game titles on platforms such as the PlayStation™ 3, PlayStation™ 4, XBOX™ 360, and XBOX™ One do not require that players have a Social Club account. This tool will only work for valid Social Club accounts. Since players on such platforms may not have a Social Club account, the tool will fail to find a User ID for such players.

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