Professional and Personal Experience

I have worked in a variety of places and environments. Environments that I have worked at include retail establishments and freelance work whilst working on completing my undergraduate studies. Since graduation, I have taken part in a variety of freelance work, in-office work, and remote work. In addition to paid work, I have performed a variety of volunteer and pro-bono work, both in-person and remote, for various companies, friends and relatives.

Although specific duties vary from company to company, my primary focus of work is in the field of software development and web development. With regards to traditional software, my experience includes working with popular programming languages such as C, C++, and C#. For web development, my experience primarily consists of working extensively with the PHP programming language, to develop critical complex backend systems and even various frontend/client-sided scripts. Of course, as with any serious web developer, I also have experience in working with popular transactional database systems such as Oracle MySQL and Microsoft SQL, as well as experience with working in both Unix and Windows environments. I am also well-versed with the usual tools and utilities used by software developers, such as versioning controls systems and the like.

Although unofficial, I have personally ventured into learning miscellaneous other systems for my own personal enjoyment and general curiosity. Some software systems and solutions that I have self-taught experience with include Microsoft Active Directory services and virtualization technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, and Oracle Virtualbox. On the hardware side, I also have extensive experience with building personal computers and server systems, having built the majority of the computers and servers in my home. I have built some custom 1U and 4U servers, in addition to tower systems and miniature systems for easier portability, and have taken apart existing systems and replaced parts such as processors, hard drives, memory modules, network cards, optical drives, video cards, power supplies, motherboards, and occassionally other peripherals such as add-on PCIE cards to perform repairs. I am also familiar with most network setups, and have performed a number of network setups and configurations both for homes and businesses. Experience with assembling equipment racks and rack-mounting equipment such as servers, switches, and so forth is also something I am familiar with.


Some Companies I Have Worked or Provided Services For



Hess Corporation



New Team of Weapons and Tactics



Infamous Cheats



Net2Go Solutions



Computer SOS, Inc.



Invision Power Services, Inc.



Synergy IT Solutions, Inc.